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Drilling Services

Paper drilling is used to provide large quantities of paper with round holes. At Steve’s Bindery Service, Inc., we provide 1- to 5-hole drilling. The paper material may be loose leaves or already bound or stitched. Our drilling services allow us to conveniently and quickly make holes for our customers. The process is much faster than using a paper punch, and the paper punch also requires quite a bit of effort to use. Creating holes in a stack of paper an inch thick could take several minutes. We can complete the task with excellent results in just seconds.

Some of the products that need paper drilling include catalogs, notebooks and unbound printed materials. Some stock is clearly better to punch than drill, such as vinyl and plastic. While the paper drill can be used with a slow spindle speed and quick strokes, friction and heat can melt these stocks.

Our Drilling Equipment

At Steve’s Bindery Service, Inc., we use the Nygren Daly Paper Drill. Our paper drill bit sizes are:

  • 3/16”
  • 1/4”
  • 5/16”
  • 3/8”
  • 1/2″

The maximum drilling capacity for the Nygren Dahly Paper Drill is 2”. Two electric motors power this equipment. One is for the spindle and the other is for the hydraulic power system. The hydraulic pump creates the force to push down the drill heads. A maximum of five drilling heads can be used on the Nygren Dahly Paper Drill with 1/4” drill bits and lower. A maximum of four drilling heads can be used with 3/8” drill bits and a maximum of three drill heads can be used with 1/2” drill bits.

At Steve’s Bindery Service, Inc., we ensure clean holes by following good maintenance practices with our equipment. This includes sharpening our paper drill bits and lubricating the drill head spindles each day. Because we are so meticulous, our downtime is limited, thereby ensuring our customers’ products are ready according to schedule.