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Bindery Services

At Steve’s Bindery Service, Inc., we provide a wide range of finishing and bindery services that are designed to produce a final, high-quality product. Steve’s knowledge of the printing industry, coupled with his wealth of experience, means that you will be proud of your finished product.

Automated Shrink Wrapping

Automated shrink wrapping is an alternative to hand wrapping and bagging. Your printed materials are covered in a clear protective film, so counting, inventorying and distribution of your materials is much easier. No job is too big or too small for us.


Collating is the process of gathering up individual sheets of printed material and assembling them into a final product. We offer hand and automated collating services, which can be used for Wire-O books, saddle stitched books, coupons and much more.


Cutting is the single most important step in the production of a high-quality product. Our computerized digital paper cutters prevent paper shifting and a sharp carbon steel blade ensures precise cuts. Our staff will cut and trim your order to the required size.


Paper drilling puts round holes in large quantities of paper. We can provide 1- to 5-hole drilling in paper material that is already stitched or bound or in stacks of loose leaves. Some stock is better to punch than drill, such as plastic and vinyl.


We have several paper folding services available, including all standard and specialty folding. Some popular folding services include gate fold, z-fold, tri-fold, map folding and half & half fold.  We use four folding machines to meet our customers’ needs.


Laminating helps keep your printed materials looking pristine for years to come. The material has a glossy finish, which adds to its superior look. Lamination is an excellent choice for paper materials that will be displayed or repeatedly handled.

Mechanical Binding

If you need an economical way to bind documents that lay flat, mechanical binding is an excellent choice. We offer Wire-O and Plastic Coil binding in a variety of colors that can complement a document’s cover or enhance black and white printed material.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding has a large range of flexibility for layout and produces durable and attractive printed materials. It’s one of the most popular binding methods and involves scoring the cover hinges, binding the cover to the pages and then using the 3-knife trim.

Perforating, Scoring & Round Cornering

Perforating and scoring printed materials allows for easier folding and processing. With the latest specialty papers and printing processes, the perforating and scoring must be precise. Round cornering is available for almost any printed materials.

Poly Bagging

Poly bagging ensures your product reaches your customers in pristine condition. With our cut-to-size, 125 ml, clear polyethylene bags, you can showcase your printed materials. We offer up to four onserts, mailing list data conversions, and much more.

Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is used to bind catalogs, magazines and more. The printed materials are held together with two or three pieces of wire stitching. This is a durable and cost-effective method, and accommodates a wide range of sizes and formats.

Specialized Book Binding, Rebinding & Restoration

At Steve’s Bindery Service, Inc. we do not perform book binding, rebinding or restoration. However, we have worked with a local book binding company for years and are proud to recommend Ace Bookbinding Co. for all your binding, rebinding and restoration projects.

Tab Cutting

We can cut custom tabs of all sizes and colors. We offer tab and edge mylar reinforcing. With our hand-punch and automated equipment, we can offer tabs of the following sizes: 1/4″, 3/8” and 1/2”. Tab dividers are an effective way to organize information.

U. V. Coating

Ultra Violet coating provides printed materials with an enhanced appearance and lasting protection. The U.V. coating is spread over the paper and provides more protection and sheen than varnish or aqueous coating. No solvents are used that could enter the atmosphere.

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